You’ve Probably Never Heard Of These 15 Amazing Cultural Traditions From Around the World

Travel to Oulu, Finland’s northernmost city, for the biennial Air Guitar World Championships.

How would you rate your ability to play the air guitar? There’s only one place to put them to the test on a global scale: the annual Air Guitar World Championships in Finland in August. In two rounds of one minute each, each participant must play air guitar on stage. “Make air, not war,” is their motto.

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If you’re visiting Poland on migus Dyngus, bring your umbrella.

Migus-dyngus, also known as wet Monday, is a chance to create the ultimate water fight. Participants in Poland and Ukraine blast each other with water to celebrate Easter every year on Easter Monday.

The Day of Silence in Bali

In Bali, the New Year is marked by a 24-hour time of quiet and meditation known as “Nyepi.” There are no fires permitted, only limited speech is tolerated, and no travel, work, or leisure activities are permitted. The Pecalang, the traditional security men who check to see if the prohibitions are being obeyed, are the only persons you’ll encounter outside the house. There are no flights in or out of Denpasar airport on this day, bringing the normally bustling island to a halt. The day after Nyepi is known as New Year’s Day, and it is full with festivities and socialising.

In the Alps, professional finger-pulling tournaments are held.

In the Alps, finger-pulling is not a joking issue. Finger wrestling was previously used to settle disagreements, but it is now a competition that the competitors take very seriously. The individual who can pull the other participant across the table with only his or her finger is the winner! Competitors meticulously select their digit and put it through gruelling training regimens that include crushing tennis balls and executing one-finger pull-ups!

Yi Peng’s Lantern Festival in Lanna

On Yi Peng, thousands upon thousands of rice-paper lanterns will ascend to the night sky. Chiang Mai is one of the greatest venues to see this gorgeous festival. The celebration takes held on the 12th Thai month’s full moon (usually November).

Participate in the Cheese-Hunting in Gloucester, England!

The annual Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake takes place every Spring Bank Holiday near Gloucester. Participants form groups of around twenty to chase after a large wheel of cheese as it slides down a dangerously steep incline. This “world-famous event” frequently results in injury to witnesses; a large lump of cheese pushed down a hill at high speed is quite a hazard!